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Malha dessoldar 0.8mm - ESD
  • Malha dessoldar 0.8mm - ESD

Malha dessoldar 0.8mm - ESD

Malha de dessoldar em cobre sem oxigênio, com resina pura.

1.5mt  0.80mm em bobine ESD para microsoldadura

As the industry standard desoldering braid for service and repair, Chem-Wik® Desoldering Braid ensures fast and safe desoldering. The ultra-pure, oxygen-free copper braid quickly and completely removes solder from circuit boards and components. Its fast wicking action protects components from harmful heat damage.

  • Coated with ultra high purity rosin
  • Quickly and thoroughly removes solder
  • Non-corrosive Type R flux
  • Reduces the risk of damage associated with static electricity.
  • Packaged in static dissipative bobbins



Specification Name Value
Width(mm) .80
Length(feet) 10
Flux Type R (Rosin Only)
Spool Type ESD


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