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Adaptador ZIF para SATA
  • Adaptador ZIF para SATA

Adaptador ZIF para SATA

1.8" ZIF CE to 7 + 15 Pin Serial SATA Adapter Trasformer Converter


  • The 1.8" ZIF/CE hard drive can be detected and used as a SATA hard drive.
  • Allows you to connect a 1.8" ZIF/CE hard drive to SATA cable or socket on mainboard.
  • Replace SATA hard disk driver with 1.8" ZIF version Toshiba / Hitachi hard drive.
  • This CE to SATA Adapter is recommended to be used for backups or direct data transfers.
  • One end of the CE to SATA Converter is ZIF / CE connector and another end is 7+15 pin SATA male connector.
  • Dimension: 9.7 x 6.7cm/ 3.8" x 2.6"(L*W)
  • Weight: 22g
  • This is a non-OEM generic product.

 Package Content:

  • 1 x 1.8" ZIF CE To SATA Adapter Converter
  • 2 x Ribbon Flat Cable