PortaPow USB Power Monitor V2
  • PortaPow USB Power Monitor V2
  • PortaPow USB Power Monitor V2

PortaPow USB Power Monitor V2

PortaPow USB Power Monitor V2

Monitor de consumo de USB

Product Description

Version 2 Released 25th November 2014


This multi-meter plugs directly into any USB socket and allows you to connect any USB cable into it for charging or data transfer. It displays on screen the voltage, current and total power which is being output.

It is also allows you to compare the power of different USB sockets, see how much power each of your devices needs, and study the quirks of USB charging. This is especially useful for solar panels with USB outputs, since it will then allow you to position the panel to maximize the energy it outputs, see what factors affect the panel's performance, and also to see when the output is too low to be worth using the solar panel.

  • Plugs into any USB socket, shows the Current (A) Voltage (V) and Wattage (W) going from the socket to the device you're charging from it in real time.
  • Useful for testing the power/quality of mains chargers, usb cables, and solar panels.
  • 0-2500mA (2.5A), 3-7V Range, Accurate to 0.01A, 0.01V. Uses <2ma 10mw="" of="" power="" for="" the="" most="" accurate="" readout="" li="">
  • Unlike products using an LED screen, this uses a backlit LCD display which can be seen either in complete darkness or bright sunny conditions.
  • Built in extension cable means you can turn the screen to face you, cable folds neatly back into body for tidy storage.
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