Maxim MAX8724
  • Maxim MAX8724
  • Maxim MAX8724

Maxim MAX8724

Multichemistry Battery Chargers

MAX8724 (cr - MAX1908)

General Description
The MAX1908/MAX8724 highly integrated, multichemistry
battery-charger control ICs simplify the construction of
accurate and efficient chargers. These devices use analog
inputs to control charge current and voltage, and can
be programmed by the host or hardwired. The MAX1908/
MAX8724 achieve high efficiency using a buck topology
with synchronous rectification.
The MAX1908/MAX8724 feature input current limiting.
This feature reduces battery charge current when the
input current limit is reached to avoid overloading the AC
adapter when supplying the load and the battery charger
simultaneously. The MAX1908/MAX8724 provide outputs
to monitor current drawn from the AC adapter (DC input
source), battery-charging current, and the presence of
an AC adapter. The MAX1908’s conditioning charge feature
provides 300mA to safely charge deeply discharged
lithium-ion (Li+) battery packs.
The MAX1908 includes a conditioning charge feature
while the MAX8724 does not.
The MAX1908/MAX8724 charge two to four series Li+
cells, providing more than 5A, and are available in a
space-saving 28-pin thin QFN package (5mm × 5mm).
An evaluation kit is available to speed designs.


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